Production Insulation Blowing Machines and Vaccums

About Cool Machines

Cool Machines is top of the line, highly advanced manufacturer of insulation blowing machines.

The company is founded by a partnership formed between Dave Krendl and Andy Schulte, who between have more than sixty years of experience in the field of insulation machines.

Clever technologies and product innovations have literally become synonymous with the company’s name: Cool Machines.

The advanced and compact design combined with a one-of-kind scalping auger system and the machines high output capacity combined with durability is the company’s trademark.

Cool Machines is the optimal choice for the professional installer and contractor who wants a reliable, high-performance and long-lasting insulation blowing machine.

Cool Machines' expertise and engineering skills within insulation blowing machines has successfully been transferred to the series of industrial vacuums Cool Vac units from Cool Machines. Industrial vacuums, are used both in connection with our Wall and Commercial Spray systems and as vacuums for removal of insulation materials.

The vacuums are highly efficient, made to meet the highest demands, designed very robust and user friendly. Again, the design is unique, cleaver and easy to operate, without unnecessary applications and wear parts. The insulation removal vacuums are designed for the professional craftsman who needs a machine that gets the job done fast and efficient!

Production Factory

What we offer

The focus of Cool Machines is to deliver high efficient, robust isolation blowing machines at favorable prices. At the same time, we offer a high level of service and advice, securing our customers that their machine delivers what they need and that support is available whenever required.

We are convinced that a good business requires good cooperation between manufacturer, supplier and customer. Our goal for success is satisfied customers who can perform best-qualified insulation jobs with the use of an insulation blowing machine or vacuum removal machine from Cool Machines.

To support our goal, Cool Machines is equipped with a tremendously knowledgeable, highly skilled and professional trained staff.

Our European, fully geared, sales, technical support and after sales departments, provide you with the full range of optimal support. This includes access to technical assistance 24 – 7 and overnight shipping of service parts. The entire staff at Cool Machines proudly provides the best and latest in insulation blowing machine technologies as well as the best in terms of service and premium grade equipment.

Cool Machines are capable of supplying insulation blowing machines, industrial vacuums and equipment.

In addition, we can offer fully equipped trailer solutions, with all the necessary equipment for blowing insulation tasks. Of course, a combined trailer arrangement takes into account the individual customer's wishes and requirements. A typical trailer setup will consist of a fixed insulation machine, insulation hoses, floor or wall mounted hose reels, storage for fittings, thermographic camera and endoscope, equipment etc. and optionally a generator.

Simultaneously, we sell second hand fully refurbished blowing machines and do very much also offers to purchase used insulation machines and equipment. Of course, we also offers to trade in your current insulating machine when buying a new Cool Machine.

Production Insulation Blowing Machines and Vaccums